Pakistan leaders put up posters “Modi hatao Desh bachao”

Seems like there’s no coming out of troubled waters for Pakistan. The country is dealing with one crisis after another, and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime yet. The currency is sinking people are fighting for grains. Pakistan is holding only one man responsible for this -Narendra Modi.

Reportedly, Pakistan leaders are protesting against India’s PM Narendra Modi holding him responsible for today’s Pakistan situation. Many Pakistan leaders were seen putting posters “Modi hatao desh bachao” and many posted it on their Social Media accounts.

Pakistan has also approached United Nations and European nations requesting them to intervene in Indian Politics and hack EVMs to avoid Modi becoming PM again.

Speaking to The Fauxy, a Pakistani leader said “If we want to save our mulk (Pakistan) then Modi must be removed from PM. Only because of Modi, Pakistan is now referred as begging bowl of the world. I hope many Indian leaders also support us“.

The crisis hit Pakistan has been ranked above India in happiness index and to keep up the happines index many Pakistanis were seen smiling while fighting for grains. Read here.

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