Nobel Peace Prize 2022 Winner, Ales Bialiatski Gives Away his Award to Alt News Founders

Human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights group Center for Civil Liberties have won the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. The announcement was made on Friday at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Norway’s capital, Oslo. The announcement shocked everyone including TIME Magazine which didn’t consider Ales Bialiatski even the front-runner for the award.


However, the people didn’t remain shocked for long as the winner Ales Bialiatski gave away his award to Alt News founders. Reportedly, Ales Bialiatski told The FauxyI have won many awards previously and the Russia-Ukraine war wasn’t as big as the riots and chaos created by Alt News founders by running a one-sided clip. Islamist extremists literally chopped off the head of Hindus who supported Nupur Sharma, this was more violent than Russia Ukraine war“.


Sources suggest that Alt News deliberately didn’t fact check the claim of TIME Magazine despite Nobel Committee not announcing its nominees for next 50 years as they had full faith that whoever wins the award will give away the prize to Alt News.


Ales Bialiatski giving away his award to Alt News founders have reposed people’s faith on TIME Magazine. “Despite Modi’s attempt to not let us win the Nobel Peace Prize win, we got this award” said one of the co-founders of Alt News.

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