NASA launches a 543 Billion $ project to Pluto to reinstate their claim that Pluto is insignificant

NASA has announced a big project. This time they want to explore more and establish the fact again that Pluto is an irrelevant planet.

Pluto was recently re-classified, losing its official status as the ninth planet, because a bunch of other dwarf planets were found in its orbital region that were too numerous and insignificant to count as “real” planets, and it quickly became apparent that Pluto wasn’t really any different from them.

Talking to the fauxy reporter, the NASA director said “We never rest after giving out a statement. We prove it with relevant data and high end research. And we don’t bother how much money we spend on it. At the end of the day, people should be satisfied by our data. Our next project will focus on spending 100 Billion $ to find out that the black hole actually looks clack in colour. We can look at it through telescope and tell people, but we want to gather real proof and that is possible only after spending a lot of money.”

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