Muslims Demand Mosque be Constructed On Site Where Nothing Was Found After Excavation

Amid the Gyanvapi Masjid row, a photo of nothing went viral on social media with claims that the place where nothing has been found had mosque there. While sharing the image, many claimed that the photo was from a place where earlier there was a mosque as excavation shows nothing. Mughal architecture is amazing on NCERT books but in real there’s absolutely nothing! and if nothing has been found it means that there was a mosque constructed by Mughal” said a Muslim Advocate.

Reportedly, the Muslim advocate has filed a petition to excavate more nearby area and if nothing is found there then the court must allot the land to Waqf Board who would construct a huge Mosque.

Hearing the petition at 2 AM night, the Supreme Court said “it has nothing” to which the Muslim side lawyer said “exactly! nothing which means there was a mosque“. However, the Supreme Court has said that the next hearing will be after five days and meanwhile more area to be excavated.

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