Mukesh Ambani to buy Paytm wallet after his wallet gets stolen in Mumbai

Big news is coming in from Mumbai where the Indian billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani’s wallet got stolen earlier today and Mukesh Ambani then decided to buy the Paytm wallet.

Reportedly, Mukesh Ambani has filed a police complaint and has decided to buy Paytm wallet meanwhile.

Speaking to The Fauxy, VP of Jio Financial said “Mukesh Ambani wanted to buy a wallet after his wallet got stolen, however, the choice of wallet was given to Nita Ambani. All the wallets shown to Mrs Ambani were cheap and the costliest wallet available was Paytm which Nita Ambani has approved.”

This isn’t the first case where Mukesh Ambani bought a company for personal reasons. Earlier, Mukesh Ambani, mistakenly bought the entire Hamleys company after his grandson asked him to gift a Hamleys toy.

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