Man files petition in Supreme court against same marriage sex

The Supreme Court on Monday directed that a bunch of petitions filed for recognition of same-sex marriages be referred to a five-judge Constitution Bench of the court. Hearing on this issue will begin on April 18. However, amidst this petition a man has filed a similar sounding petition in Supreme Court.

Reportedly, a man has filed a petition in supreme court against same marriage sex, saying that having sex within the same marriage gets boring and couples be allowed to have sex outside the marriage. The man got confused with the trending news of same sex marriage and filed petition in court thinking it’s an equally big matter.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the man said “If court can decide on same sex marriage then why not about same marriage sex? if SC bans same marriage sex, then anyone can have sex with anyone but with their partner, which they already doing, but secretly”

While the sex outside marriage isn’t illegal but can be a valid ground for divorce. Hearing the man’s petition, Supreme Court lambasted the man and put Rs 1 lakh penalty for wasting court’s time.

Reportedly, the man was a playboy in his young age and was forcefully married to a girl by the family. Every-time the man wanted to have sex with different marriage or outside the marriage, his wife asked him for divorce and man is scared of his family getting to know about it.

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