Man buys Pharma company’s shares instead of medicines, dies.

The total number of demat accounts in India is significantly increasing everyday as more and more people build trust on the share market. SIPs are the most preferred investment among people. However, some people are going overboard with their investment plans and are cutting their regular expenses to buy shares and SIPs.


Seeing a post on LinkedIn about compounding magic, Abhishek bought shares of a Pharma company instead of the medicines prescribed by the doctor and his health kept deteriorating while his investment kept getting healthier. Unfortunately, on Friday the man succumbed to the poor health and healthy investment.


Speaking to The Fauxy, Abhishek’s friend, Rohan said “He read a post on Linkedin about compounding magic that compared the share price and cost of Britannia biscuits over a period of ten years, and Abhishek wouldn’t stop talking about it. He went so crazy that whenever he would buy something he would first check if the company of that product is listed in the BSE or NSE.”


Abhishek’s Doctor told The Fauxy “Abhishek was diabetic and his BP was shooting up, I prescribed him the medicines, but I guess he bought the share of that Pharma company instead


Abhishek isn’t with us but his investments are wish he had taken term insurance too” said Abhishek’s wife.



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