Mamata Banerjee Threatens to Use ‘Bengali Ways’ to Establish Contact After Rahul Gandhi Ghosts Her

Big news is coming from Kolkata, where Mamata Banerjee has threatened to use world-famous Bengali ways to establish contact with Rahul Gandhi after he did not reply to her congratulatory message and ghosted her.

At first, Mamata Banerjee thought that Rahul Gandhi was displaying an attitude, which is normal for people who achieve something when no one expects anything from them. She knew how to handle these kinds of men very well, so she started talking to PM Modi, believing it would make Rahul Gandhi jealous and prompt him to call her as soon as he heard about this. But even after this, when Rahul Gandhi did not contact her, she decided to threaten him with “Bengali ways.”

The Fauxy sources suggest that Mamata Banerjee was seen with a man wearing a black robe and a garland of skulls around his neck at midnight in a “Samsan Ghaat” on the outskirts of Kolkata”.

Currently, Mamata Banerjee is on her way to a general store to buy some pins, carrying a doll wearing a white kurta-pyjama that says “Khatakhat-khatakhat” every time its button is pushed.

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