Malnourished Guy Crosses Earth’s Gravity And Floats In Space After Thrown Up By Friends During A Live Concert

A group of friends have done what Elon Musk couldn’t do, what NASA couldn’t do and what China could do, they have made a man land in space with zero fuel.  Reportedly, a group of friends were at a live concert of a popular rock band and the crowd was going all gaga.

The friends went so overboard with the electrifying atmosphere that they picked one of their friends with the least weight and threw him up. However, after realising that the friend thrown up never came back they filed a missing complaint in a nearby police station. 

Police used high technology to find out that their friend is in no network zone. Later, upon consulting various agencies including NASA, police managed to find the friend who was floating in space. NASA released the images of the friend who was floating in earth’s orbit between earth and moon.

NASA is now reaching out to the man to provide him food so that he increases his weight and he can be pushed further to the moon. NASA wants to claim first man without a spacesuit on the moon.

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