ISIS Gets Trolled After The Journalist They Behead Turns Out To Be A Cake

Not too long ago, a trend of realistic cakes had taken over social media with pastry chefs sharing pictures of cakes which didn’t look like cake at all. The same trend has turned out to be a huge embarrassment for Islamic State when an Islamic State Of Syria and Iraq linked militant group captured and held hostage a journalist after the journalist reportedly demeaned ISIS by calling them out for their act totally ignoring how soft-spoke the ISIS militants are. 

ISIS linked militant group went live on Facebook through one of its pages to live telecast the behead of the journalist but the live video got abruptly ended after the journalist turned out to be a cake and other ISIS workers jumped to eat it. It turned out to be the most embarrassment moment not only for ISIS but some media houses who had already declared the ISIS executioner soft spoken and he was seen abusing after the journalist turned out to be a chocolate cake. 

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