ISIS Condemns Demolition of Noida Twin Tower

For the first time in India, an under-construction building, Supertech Twin Towers, close to residential complexes, will be razed in the next few hours.

However, this isn’t the first case when a Twin Tower has been razed, earlier, Twin Tower World Trade Centre was damaged and demolished by the Islamic terrorists.

ISIS has condemned Indian government of demolishing the twin tower itself and not hiring the people who have expertise in it.

You can demolish this twin tower, but it won’t be done n the front page of newspaper” said an ISIS official spokesman.

India should be a little considerate as this demolition could have been a major project for ISIS interns” said the ISIS Recruitment Head

India is disturbing thousands of residents for demolition of the twin tower whereas we did it all silently without even a single person (except Bush) knowing about it, this is called expertise” said ISIS chief to The Fauxy.

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