Inspired by Arvind Kejriwal, ISIS Gives Ads In Newspapers Across The World Asking For Arms & Ammunition

Arvind Kejriwal joined politics with the aim and claim of changing it for good, and recent developments suggest that he’s successfully managed to do it. Kejriwal’s model of blame and beg is quite popular now and has been adopted by ISIS too.

Earlier in the case of a pandemic or war, the leaders used to buy or manufacture machinery to control the situation but Kejriwal has become the first person who used the money to give Ads asking for help and donation.

This creative way of thinking might have done much harm to the people of Delhi but has inspired people sitting thousands of KMs away. Seeing Kejriwal’s Ads asking for help ISIS has decided to adopt the same policy and published ads in newspapers across the world. Sources suggest a huge amount has been collected and a majority of these donations have come from India where people silently wish ISIS rule the world.

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