“Imran Khan Govt Had a Night Fall” Tweets Umar Akmal

Imran Khan govt falls after losing dramatic midnight trust vote, speaker had resigned after refusing to conduct the voting.  The moment the non-confidence motion was put to vote, the fall of Imran Khan govt became certain, as the ruling party does not have numbers. The united opposition had 176 members, more than then halfway mark of 172.


Minutes after the fall of Imran Khan government, many popular personalities of Pakistan tweeted about it. However, the most interesting one was from none other than Umar Akmal, who never disappoints his followers.


Umar Akmal tweeted “Imran Khan Government had a night fall“. Soon Umar Akmal started trending across the Pakistan and India above Imran Khan. After massive engagement on his tweet, Umar Akmal deleted the tweet.

Umar Akmal simply meant that government fell at night but he has misinterpreted” said Umar Akmal’s brother, Kamran Akmal.


Umar Akmal remained clueless about what went wrong in his tweet that he has become a top topic of discussion when Imran Khan govt has fallen.


Talking more about the hilarious incident involving the Pakistani cricketer, the authenticity of the infamous tweet in screenshots was never verified although multiple reports suggested that Akmal deleted the tweet after realising his mistake.

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