Imran Khan fools Pakistanis, does a concert pretending as black marshmellow

Marshmello played a live set in Karachi, Pakistan. This was a trending news in Pakistan for sure her 24 hours with youngsters calling it as ‘one of the coolest things ever seen.

Reportedly, black marshmellow performed a concert in Karachi which was attended by over eighty thousand Pakistanis. The concert went on for more than three hours making marshmellow fans in Pakistan go crazy. However, the entire concert turned out to be a fake one.

Pakistanis mistook Imran Khan’s for marshmellow. Reportedly, Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday was seen wearing a makeshift black box-like bulletproof helmet to an anti-terror court for seeking his bail extension. Imran Khan’s attire made Pakistains mistook him for black marshmellow. However, the truth came out when during concert, Imran Khan asked for donation to improve Pakistan’s economy.

Audience of the concert are now demanding refund of concert ticket and arrest of Imran Khan for cheating and fraud.

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