Girl Who Got Herself Tested For Corona Found Positive For Pregnancy

A South Delhi girl who went for the Corona test was found to be positive for pregnancy. Riya (name changed) went to a nearby corona test centre as she was feeling dizzy after returning from Euro trip with one of her boyfriends. Sure about her boyfriend taking precautions, Riya was in absolute shock after the results. She started shouting that all men are trash in the test centre itself.

The Fauxy has learnt that Riya is still contemplating as who the father is. A proper DNA analysis will get her the result. Till then she is using the elimination method and trying to recall all her relationships. After these incidents, many girls in Metro cities are refusing to go for the corona tests with their parents. Most are going for it alone or not going at all. The hospital, in fact, asked for extra charges as they confirmed her pregnancy at the cost of just the corona test. So basically they did two tests and want the cost of both to be recovered from the girl. The matter is in front of the police now and they will decide after proper investigation

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