Furious over Tajinder Bagga’s Arrest, Senior BJP Leaders Take Disciplinary Action, Ask Tajinder Bagga to Delete Tweets Which Kejriwal Doesn’t Like

Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was arrested on Friday morning from his Delhi residence by the Punjab police on charges of making tweets against AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal. Allegedly, Punjab Police also punched Tajinder Bagga’s father when he tried to record video of the arrest.



The news of arrest neither went well with BJP supporters not the senior leadership as the furious senior leadership has made it clear that strict disciplinary action will be taken and they might even expel Tajinder Bagga from party for his alleged offensive tweets against Kejriwal told a senior leader to The Fauxy on promise of keeping his name secret. “If Shri Kejriwal ji didn’t like the tweets then Tajinder Bagga should have deleted them” said BJP top leadership.


Another BJP leader said that the sacrifice of Tajinder Bagga will not go in vein as party will make sure the news reached to every person who then will make BJP win the Punjab in next assembly elections.


We need atleast 400 seats in Lok Sabha to make sure these incidents don’t happen, once Bagga comes out of jail we will do a nation-wide rally with him” said another BJP minister.

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