FIR Registered Against Thunderstorm For Damaging Jama Masjid Dome

Yesterday evening Delhi witnessed a thunderstorm which uprooted some trees and damaged public and private property. Among the damaged properties is Jama Masjid of Delhi.

The heavy thunderstorm damaged the dome of Jama Masjid making Maulanas furious. Reportedly, Jama Masjid Maulavi has filed an FIR against thunderstorm after which Delhi police came into action and raided 24 locations to find thunderstorm.

The FIR has been filed under section 153 A of IPC. The FIR reads that the thunderstorm was communal and damaged the property of only one religion without touching property of any other religion.

FIR has been filed against Indra Dev as well as he is responsible for all the rains, however there was conflict among the complainants as some objected saying that only Allah is responsible for everything on earth and not Indra Dev. So, the mob told police to describe accussed indentity as unidentified.

After this incidence, many Hindus came in support of Delhi’s Jama Masjid. Some offered donations for the repairing of damaged mosque. Some also conducted pooja’s and mass prayers to request Indra Dev to stop the rain and thunderstorm.

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