Facebook starts ‘Mark Yourself Safe’ feature for Maharashtra MLAs

Mumbai. Maharashtra politics has been as entertaining as a Bollywood thriller. Each day comes up with new surprises and it is a never-ending story. Abbas Mastan have in fact bought the rights of making the movie on Maharashtra elections 2019.

Mark Zuckerberg has come to the rescue of all political parties in Maharashtra who want to keep their MLAs safe from poaching. Facebook will provide limited edition ‘Mark Yourself Safe’ service for the Maharashtra MLAs so that they can let their leaders know that they are safe and no one has offered them money.

The safety feature will take into account the calls and messages that one has received before being activated. If an MLA is not marked safe, a notification will go to his leader who will then try to help him out of the situation. The service will be activated from today and it is to be seen how many MLAs avail this exciting service.

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