Expert Suggests Arnab’s Leaked Chats Are Fake Seeing Arnab Let Other Person Reply In Chats

Mumbai Police has retrieved & has made public a 500 pages of WA chat claiming it to be a conversation between Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami & Ex BARC head Partho Das Gupta. However, the experts have a different take on the whole issue and don’t believe the whole story to be a genuine case.

After analysing the chats for a day experts have found that these chats possibly fake. Citing the reason that Arnab Goswami doesn’t give others a chance to speak in his shows while in the chats Partho Das Gupta has equal replies as Arnab, experts have doubted the veracity of the chats.

To ascertain the claims The Fauxy reporter, Pralay Nath tried to reach to Arnab to take his statement but to no avail as he had to return empty hand after Arnab didn’t even give him a chance to even ask questions.

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