Engineer Invents Lowest Decibel Sound Recorder To Record Applause And Laughs At Female Standup Comedians’ Shows

19 Years old electronics and electrical engineering Student from NIT Durgapur has invented a sound recorder that can record the sound of extremely low decibel, in fact, the lowest decibels. Ronit Singh on Thursday presented his invention to a group of professors via Zoom Call and got it approved.

Speaking to The Fauxy, Ronit said “I stumbled upon a few female standup comedians’ videos on Youtube and despite watching them for hours couldn’t understand where to laugh exactly, or where is the joke inside their statements. Hence, I thought of capturing the sound of when and where the audience applauded or laughed. This led me to invent a low decibel sound recorder”

Ronit has encouraged many other students to take up engineering studies to invent innovative things like him

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