Dictator Modi reaches court to get approval to do a rally in his own country

Big news is coming in from Madras High Court who has obliged to the demand of dictator to do a rally in an area of opposition.

The DMK Government had rightly refused the rally of the dictator to save the democracy, however, the dictator was hell bent to do the rally in the same constituency and even reached court. How dare he!

In the court proceedings, the dictator told the Milord that it’s his country too and he wishes to go there.

Whereas, the DMK lawyer told the judge, why dictator can’t lose one seat. What’s his motive behind trying to win every seat. He clearly wants to kill the democracy, which is being survived by us.

Congress leader Kharge said “There will be no more elections if Dictator Modi wins like there never happened elections after he won 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections”.

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