Delhi Metro to lower its AC temperature to avoid girls wearing indecent clothes

A video a girl seen dressed in a mini skirt and a bra in the Delhi metro is viral on Social Media. The girl now popular as “Delhi metro girl” currently has become the talk of the internet.

In a viral clip the girl is seen wearing a tiny skirt and a bra sitting amid passengers who are uncomfortable. A lot of social media users called it indecent clothing and demanded Metro authority to take action while some asked for the links.

Reportedly, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has swung into action and has announced measures to avoid indecent clothing in metro. DMRC has announced that the AC temperature in metro will be reduced to 18 degrees to ensure girls don’t wear short clothes.

Speaking to The Fauxy, a DMRC employee said “These girls wear such short dresses like bikini or bra only to get viral on social media, and if we can defeat their purpose by now allowing phone and cameras inside metro, but currently we are starting with lower AC temperature

However, how much the lower AC temperature is going to be effective is a matter of debate as Delhi metro daily commuters claim that the girl already carries hot water bag with her.

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