BJP leaders to beat themselves as a part of Muslim outreach programme

BJP to kickstart Muslim outreach program across India next month. As a part of the program, the Bhartiya Janta Party has identified key areas of improvement of sentiments about BJP among Muslims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the party to make an outreach to “deprived and downtrodden” sections in all communities. PM Modi also asked the party leader to perform activities that makes the community feel better.

Reportedly, in order to appease the minority community, the BJP leaders are going to beat themselves up. Speaking to The Fauxy, a BJP leader said “The community is very much against the party and they wish harm on the party leaders, hence, if we harm ourselves, the community people will be happy to see that“.

Another BJP leader said “If we beat ourselves they will feel that we are one of us as it is one of their essential religious practices“.

Sources suggest that the Modi led government is deliberately delaying the CAA and NRC process to appease the Muslim community ahead of 2024 General Elections.

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