BJP leader joins Congress to get nominated to Rajysabha by the BJP

Big news is coming in from New Delhi where a senior BJP leader has reportedly left BJP and has joined Congress in hope of getting ministry and Rajysabha from BJP.

Having lost his patience waiting for his turn to get Rajya Sabha seat and ministry in the Modi led Government, a senior BJP leader is joining Congress.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the leader said “Every-time I feel my turn has come to become a Rajysabha MP, BJP inducts a Congress leader and offers him the Rajyasabha seat, enough is enough.”

Reportedly, a day after the leader joined Congress, the leader was in touch with senior BJP leadership who otherwise wouldn’t even think about him. 

The Fauxy sources suggest that many other BJP leaders are also thinking of joining Congress to get in touch with BJP senior leadership. More details on this are awaited.

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