Bishop arrested after he tries to convert an AI Robot

On Friday, another illegal forced religious conversion by a Christian priest came to light in New York. George Soros II, a bishop from Manhattan has been arrested after he tried to baptise Sophia, a social humanoid robot, in Hudson River.


The bishop offered to take care of Sophia’s children’s education expenses and a job for Sophia. Having provided all sorts of fake inducements, Pastor motivated Sophia to renounce atheism. However, after Sophia didn’t respond to any of the bishop’s offer, bishop forcefully immersed Sophia in the river.


Sophia was developed by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, who kept Sophia atheist and didn’t put any religious command. Sophia remained atheist until bishop George Soros II baptized him/her. Soon after bishop immersed Sophia in the river, the short circuit took place in Sophia’s body and he/she took the last breath.


Bishop claimed that the Sophia got converted to Christianity and demanded the burial by Christian rituals. However, the developer of the Sophia wanted dismantling of Sophia. The bishop was arrested when he tried to push the Sophia in a coffin.


Bishop was arrested and was given judicial custody for a week, where pastor has reportedly converted three cops in just one day.


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