Bigg Boss fan lathi-charged by police for distributing ‘Vote for Sid Shukla’ pamphlets at the CAA Protests

Recently the BJP government passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament in which minorities from 3 neighboring countries will be provided Indian citizenship.
Many violent protests have been taking place in India for the past 7 days with various trains, buses, railway stations set ablaze by the protesters. However where one section of the society is busy in carrying out violent protests, another section is completely oblivious about it.

A strange thing happened in Mumbai’s Kranti Maidan yesterday when The Fauxy reporter saw a Bigg Boss fan distributing ‘VOTE FOR SID SHUKLA’ pamphlets among the protesters who had gathered to protest against CAA.

After seeing this the police personnel present on the spot lathi-charged the big boss fan and made him leave the protests immediately.

Later it was revealed that the Policeman is himself a fan of bigg boss contestant Shehnaz Gill and that’s why he lathi-charged the man because he was promoting Sid Shukla instead of Shehnaz Gill.

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