Arvind Kejriwal demands proof of being Modi Ji Ki Beti from Actress Avani Modi

A day before the release of the much talked about movie Modi Ji Ki Beti, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has brought a fresh controversy for the movie.

Reportedly, Arvind Kejriwal has demanded proof from actress Avani Modi of being Modi Ji Ki Beti. It’s not the first time when Arvind Kejriwal has demanded proof. Earlier he had demanded proof of Surgical Strike carried out by the Indian Army.

Releasing on 14th Oct, Modi Ji Ki Beti is a movie based on two stupid Pakistani terrorists who believed a fake news of a presence of a daughter of PM Narendra Modi, and kidnaps her. The movie has series of comical challenges and witty dialogues.

However, Arvind Kejriwal isn’t the only leader to have raised questions about Modi Ji Ki Beti, earlier Rahul Gandhi had accused Narendra Modi of nepotism for Bollywood entry of his daughter – Modi Ji Ki Beti.

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