Arvind Kejriwal asks Vivek Agnihotri to release The Vaccine War on CoWIN App

After the humongous success of his last directorial, The Kashmir Files, director Vivek Agnihotri announced his next project, The Vaccine War. The film will release on Independence Day, August 15, 2023, in 11 languages. The director announced the project on along with a poster that explained the concept of the forthcoming film.


Reportedly, the movie will chronicle India’s journey or fight against the covid and the vaccine hesitancy. Hours after the announcement of the movie, political debates about the movie flooded the social media. While some social media users declared it super hit of 2023, some called it an attempt to influence upcoming general elections.


BJP supporters requested the Modi government to make the movie tax free to which CM Arvind Kejriwal said that if Government really want people to watch it then launch the movie on CoWIN app which has all its targeted audience. Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal has called The Kashmir File a fake film and asked Vivek Agnihotri to launch the movie on youtube.


The director Vivek Agnihotri is yet to launch the movie teaser, cast and trailer but the debates about the movie show that it’s going to disturb a lot of people who have been creating vaccine hesitancy or were lobbying for other vaccines, as the name of the movie suggests.

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