Arundhati Roy to be tried under UAPA, believing it to be an Indian Award she has refused to accept it

Big news is coming from Delhi, where LG VK Saxena has approved the prosecution of Arundhati Roy under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). She is accused of giving a provocative speech about the separation of Kashmir at a conference organized in Delhi, ‘Aazadi: The Only Way’, where she was a guest alongside many Kashmiri separatist leaders.

When Arundhati Roy first heard the word UAPA, she thought that the Indian government was giving her yet another award despite her being openly anti-India and refused to accept it, just like she has in the past. She might be right, as the type of social circle she has, UAPA, might be considered an award of achievement for them.

Talking to Fauxy, Roy said, “God, when will these Indians get some self-respect? Why don’t they understand I don’t want their meaningless awards? I already have many real awards from the white people of Western countries.”

Currently, Arundhati Roy is teaching some parrots that she has captured from JNU and DU campuses to mindlessly repeat the word “Aazadi” after her.

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