An Entrepreneur From Bihar Kidnaps A Shark And Asks For Ransom While Demonstrating His Startup Idea


Shark Tank India just ahead of its finale witnessed some major drama when an Entrepreneur kidnapped one of the sharks, Namita Thapar and police were called on the sets to resolve the issue.

Reportedly, an entrepreneur from Bihar came to Shark Tank India to raise the funding for his startup and when the sharks asked him to demonstrate his idea he kidnapped one of the sharks and demanded 1 Crore. Only after sharks asked the equity he could offer and he said zero, the sharks realised that 1 crore is not an investment but ransom.

The entrepreneur was arrested and the shark, Namita Thapar, was released. Namita Thapar told The Fauxy that she liked the idea but it’s not her expertise and hence, she is out but she wishes the entrepreneur all the very best.

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