Adani Group employees to use public toilet to restore confidence in investors that they are eating well

The Adani Group has shed over $108 billion in market value since Hindenburg Research accused the company of stock manipulation and accounting fraud in a Jan. 24 report. Investors are losing confidence in Adani Group and retails investors are now into panic selling mode.


However, Adani is taking steps to restore confidence among the investors and in one such attempt, Adani has asked Adani Group employees to take dump at public toilets to show the investors and public that the employees are being fed well.  Adani wants to show that he still has enough assets and cash to repay all his debts.


Soon after a picture of Adani group employees taking dump at a public toilet went viral on social media, the Adani share price witnesses a rise. Experts have suggested Adani to wear Rs 80,000 sneakers in Public and use atleast iPhone 14 (if not pro or pro max).


Adani himself has started drinking black water, which is one of the costliest packaged drinking water. Apart from Adani only Kohli drinks black water. These are only a few steps that Adani Group is taking to restore confidence in investors.



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