Taliban grants flight certificates to three pilots who didn’t see the skyscrapers while flying above New York

A photograph of three men holding ‘pilot licence’ with a picture of helicopter embossed on certificate has gone viral on social media. The three bare-footed men wearing traditional Afghani attire can be seen holding certificates in their hands while sitting in an office. A journalist Asaad Sam Hanna shared it on Twitter. He wrote, “Taliban grants flight certificates to the first three pilots in Afghanistan”.


Speaking to The Fauxy, Afghanistan journalist Kabul Khan said “Their final exam happened exactly like Guru Dronacharya took exams of Pandava and asked them if they could see a bird sitting on the tree. However, the result was different in this case. Those who answered yes to – if they could see the skyscrapers while flying above NewYork – were rejected and only these three who didn’t see the skyscrapers were selected“.


Reportedly, the pilots are trained only for take off and mid air fly and not landing so that they perfectly deliver on their mission. Details awaited.




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