Man Orders Food Worth Rs 25000 From Zomato To Make His Share Price Rise After Zomato’s Stock Market Debut

Zomato made a stellar debut on the stock exchange on Friday, and saw its market cap cross Rs 1 lakh crore. Millions of investors had tried their luck to get Zomato’s IPO and a few succeeded.
A man from Mumbai, Sachin, got 195 shares of Zomato at the price of Rs 72 per share. To ensure that the stock hits the upper circuit Sachin ordered food worth Rs 25,000 from the Zomato.
Speaking to The Fauxy, Sachin said “Now I’ll have food only from Zomato, I have asked my cook not to come from tomorrow as I’ll be ordering only from Zomato. If you yourself can’t help grow the company you have invested in, who will?
Reportedly, in just two hours of Zomato’s IPO listing, Zomato witnessed over 200% increase in orders and Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal also took out his bike to deliver the orders after falling short of delivery boys owing to rise in the orders.
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