Woman burns her face while trying to remove the wrinkles with a steam iron

As women get older their skin changes and it no longer looks plump and youthful. Wrinkles around the eyes, often known as crow’s feet, is one of the most common skin problem faced by women growing old. Women use various cosmetics and surgeries to reverse the signs of ageing, and most of them are expensive and risky. Some women go to any extent to get those wrinkles removed. One such example of woman going to an extreme to get her wrinkles removed came from Philadelphia.


Reportedly, Jessica, 44 year, from Philadelhipa was fed up with the cosmetics and surgeries which couldn’t prevent her wrinkles and as a final resort tried to iron her face with a steam iron. Jessica partially burned her face. Speaking to The Fauxy, Jessica said “I was ironing my cloth and realised that steam iron helps in getting rid of  wrinkles. I have tried all types of cosmetics and even surgery but nothing helped. I also tried Instagram filters but people started asking why I always keep phone with Instagram camera on in front of my face. I was fed up and hence, decided to steam iron my face”.


Jessica has to now undergo plastic surgery and she has asked her surgeons to keep the wrinkle free plastic on her face. Speaking to The Fauxy, the surgeon said “Steam iron removes wrinkles from cloths, so if she really wanted to get rid of wrinkles she should have put a clot on her face before ironing it”.


Jessica isn’t alone to go this far to get rid of wrinkles, a lady in India reached Bhagweshwar Dham to get her wrinkles removed.

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