Vicky Kaushal And Katrina Kaif To Receive Wedding Gifts Only In Crypto To Keep Guests’ Identity Anonymous

4 Dec, 2021
Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s wedding is talk of the town. All journalists are finally utilising their full potential and abilities to cover every aspect of the wedding. Vicky and Katrina want their wedding to be very unique, secret and perfect. That’s why they have decided to accept gifts only in form of crypto currencies to keep Guest’s identity anonymous.

The B town couple has handpicked few investment experts from entire country to select the crypto currencies which guests allowed to gift. Flopped crypto currencies like OneCoin and Richie are not allowed to gift at any cost. If the prices of any particular crypto currency are falling then it will be immediately removed from the list of allowed crypto. If crypto market is bullish on any particular crypto, then that crypto will be highly recommended to guests. A small “crypto exchange” is developed at wedding venue specially for this and few crypto brokers are also hired. Few guests are not very happy with this decision of Vicky and Katrina. Bappi Lahiri who always gift gold to the host at any event is now finding it difficult to convert the gold assets to crypto. When he bought few crypto currencies by money which came from his gold assets, prices of those crypto immediately dropped. Now, he is unable to buy even stainless steel from it.

Our reporter are keeping s close eye on this grand wedding of “Kaifik” as some of them have got few part time jobs at the wedding. We will keep you reported.

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