Unable to afford a wedding photographer, man uses hotel’s CCTV footage to create his wedding album

Allocating your wedding budget can be one of the hardest tasks when planning your big day. With so many elements to consider, it is easy to lose track and mount up if not accounted for initially. With the advent of social media, especially Instagram, the cost of wedding photography has risen exorbitantly and in some weddings, the cost of wedding photography takes the maximum share.


In Indore, a groom got so fed up with the high quotes even from the local wedding photographers that he devised a new way to create his wedding album. Reportedly, the man took all the CCTV footage of the wedding venue, hotel, and edited the footages himself to create his wedding album.


The photos and videos in album were black and white, to which the groom said that “monochrome” was the theme of his wedding.


Speaking to The Fauxy, one of the groom’s friends said “Alok (Groom) was worried about the wedding photography and the bride was more excited about the wedding album than the wedding itself. And after seeing the quotes by the local photographers he decided not to go ahead with them. Soon he claimed that his engagement ring is stolen and used it as an excuse to get all the CCTV footages of the hotel during wedding time. Even during his wedding he was learning photo and video editing. He took out time during honeymoon and created his wedding album“.


Bride, who was very happy with the wedding album and its theme monochrome, has now deleted her Instagram account out of embarrassment.



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