UK To Auction Kohinoor Diamond To Revive Its Economy

Britain’s economy looks set to go into recession as data showed it unexpectedly shrank in August, underscoring the challenge for Prime Minister Liz Truss to make good on her promises to speed up growth.

PM Liz Truss assured the people of Britain that her government is taking several steps to revive the economy. In one such unprecedented move, Liz Truss has decided to auction Kohinoor diamond to revive it’s dying economy. This decision by Liz Truss led UK government took not only internet but also the real world by storm.

The decision came in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II death. Some prominent British politicians and influencers expressed their views on this fiasco. Many of them were in support of this decision and said a big stone made up carbon atoms like Kohinoor is of no use to UK but they also added that may be auctioning Scotland would have been a better option as it is even more useless.

Sources suggest that India’s PM Narendra Modi has asked India’s tycoons Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani to bid for Kohinoor so that India remains the world’s fifth largest economy.

Meanwhile we have another news update totally unrelated and irrelevant to this story for our readers. UK’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak who lost to Liz Truss in PM race has uploaded a reel on his Instagram account in which he can be seen dancing on a famous Hindi song “Jaa Chudail”.

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