The UK Approves Vijay Mallya’s Extradition; Mamata Banerjee Permits Mallya’s Chopper To Land In West Bengal

The UK Approves Vijay Mallya's Extradition; Mamata Banerjee Permits Mallya's Chopper To Land In West Bengal

The fugitive economic offender Vijay Mallya is soon to be extradited to India as per UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Vijay Mallya is wanted in India for defaulting on loans worth Rs 9,000 crore. Earlier on December 9, 2018, The Westminster Magistrates’ Court on had ordered Mallya’s extradition to India.

Vijay Mallya has been complaining about not feeling safe in India and has been citing this as an excuse to delay his extradition. However, his safety is now being taken care of by none other than West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has asked him to land his chopper in her state – The Republic Of West Bengal. In this state, nobody can dare to touch anyone without her prior approval. Neither CBI nor the CRPF.

“Vijay Mallya was considering re-appealing, but now he’s likely to prefer being extradited since he’ll be safe in India as well,” said Mallya’s Lawyer, Divya.

If sources are to be believed, Mallya is likely to become a farmer in Congress-ruled states and eventually get his loans waived off.

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