The Blast ISIS Took Credit Of Turns Out To Be A Loud Noise Of Sonic Boom

On Tuesday, ISIS embarrassed itself after it took credit for apparently a blast as it turned out to be a loud noise due to a sonic boom. ISIS chief released his audiotape in a hurry after hearing a loud noise claiming it was a blast by ISIS. Reportedly, due to the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the ISIS business too has taken a downturn and ISIS is losing its power and credibility and this forced them to take credit for any blast happening in any corner of the world. World leaders have already united against Islamists extremists and this has been troubling ISIS.

“Not all loud noise is a blast. We have learned it now” said one of the ISIS media persons while apologizing for the wrong claim.

This isn’t the first time when a terrorist organization has embarrassed itself. Earlier, one of the Pakistan based terrorist organization claimed to have done a blast which turned out to be an earthquake.

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