Taliban Condemns Auctioning of Women in IPL, Calls it Regressive, Patriarchal and Against Women Empowerment

The Women’s Premier League Auction has finally arrived in a momentous night for women’s sport, with a host of Australian players securing blockbuster contracts for the inaugural tournament in India.

However, women IPL Auction didn’t go well for all. Taliban condemned the auctioning of women. Calling it a controversial custom, Taliban chief said this doesn’t happen even in the most backward countries anymore.

By auctioning women, India has gone 2500 year back when in Babylon there were Marriage Markets where women were auctioned off as brides. If Modi can’t rule India well, let Taliban rule” said Taliban Chief.

Soon after the Taliban statement, west media too jumped on the topic and started demanding an on Women IPL and its auction calling it deeply regressive, patriarchal and against women empowerment.

UN also issued show cause notice to BCCI and Indian Government but by the time UN intervened, a majority of women were already auctioned and sold.

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