Taimoor Ali Suffering from Depression Because of Not Getting Attention from Media

Taimur Ali has been in news right from his birth. Media is always behind him covering every small bit about him. Taimur not in news is a news.

The perpetual following of paparazzis around him has made Taimur feel the stardom even before becoming a star. Sometimes, his parents, Saif and Kareena, get jealous of his constant presence in the news. Taimur has got so much addicted to this attention that a short stint of media diversion away from him has made him suffer from depression. He is too much depressed that he skipped his weekly shopping consecutively for the second time.

Both his parents are also worried about this. While Saif is planning to call media to talk about him, Kareena is insisting to take Taimur to the doctor. We hope that at least this news will make him feel better to some extent.

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