Supreme Court drops collegium system, announces democratic and merit based appointment

Fed up with the criticism and trolling on the appointment of Chief Justice by collegium, the Supreme Court today announced quashing of collegium system and only democratic and merit based appointment of Judges.

Supreme Court was on Holi leaves when Chief Justice Chandrachud read the tweets about him and the Supreme Court only to get disappointed. A majority of tweets were questioning the appointment of CJI and Judges getting more leaves than a kindergarten kid. CJI cancelled the leaves with immediate effect and released a circular quashing the Collegium that consists of the CJI and four senior most judges

Many of the Supreme Court judges opposed the Holi leave cancellation saying it takes just one day to play Holi and 5 days to remove the colour and the hangover. Whereas, some Judges justified the long leave saying there’s no clarity on which day the Holi is hence, we have taken a month long leave.

Speaking to The Fauxy, another SC judge said “Holi comes a year, cases come everyday” He further added “Cases can wait, Holi can’t“.

Soon after the order of Collegium drop and only merit bases appointment, Amazon witnessed sharp increase in law related book orders.

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