Starbucks Data Reveal This Girl Used WiFi Worth Eight Thousand Dollars At The Cost 80 Dollar Coffee

Covid 19 followed by a series of lockdowns has adversely affected the cafe business and has forced cafe businesses to go for cost-cutting. The leading coffee chain, Starbucks did an analysis of its business pre-covid and post covid, in this analysis it observed shocking data that a girl used free wifi of the cafe which cost the cafe over eight thousand dollars while she consumed coffee worth only 80 dollars.

Nancy, a Netflix addict used the internet to download NetFlix shows and series via telegram. Nancy was always accompanied by her friends who ordered and only twice or thrice Nancy ordered something. CCTV footage revealed that Nancy had put fake Apple stickers on her Asus Laptop and Mi Phone.

If sources are to be believed Starbucks is mulling over adding the internet charges in the coffee if it surpasses 1 GB.

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