.@ShashiTharoor’s Book “Why I Am A Hindu” Found In A Book Store’s Fiction Section

Shashi Tharoor's Book

Shashi Tharoor enjoys controversy’s company and this time he’s welcoming it uninvited. A bookstore in Gurgaon has unknowingly trolled Shashi Tharoor, an author and Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram. Shashi Tharoor’s book Why I Am A Hindu was placed at the fiction section of the bookstore. Although the book was later placed to its correct place by then the image was already doing rounds on social media. Shashi Tharoor later filed a police complaint against the bookstore manager, who claimed to be innocent and ignorant about the book placement.

CCTV footage revealed that a man, Ashok Mishra, 48, deliberately changed the book’s place and then also took a selfie with it. Police have managed to nab the wrongdoer and are currently interrogating him. Ashok in his defence cited various reasons for doing that. Ashok who is a big fan of Vivekananda believes that Shashi Tharoor isn’t right Hindu to be admired.

Ashok says “no one has understood Hinduism better than Vivekananda and every statement of his is should be considered as truth without a doubt. However, Shashi Tharoor doesn’t seem to follow any of his sayings. Vivekananda said a Hindu shouldn’t become Christian and a Christian shouldn’t become Hindu, every religion has its own way of reaching the divine, however, Shashi Tharoor has never spoken a single word against the forced conversion. Vivekananda said that Hindus believe that we all are children of immortal bliss and Hindus refuses to call someone sinner whereas Shashi Tharoor tried to divided Hindus among Good Hindu and Bad Hindu.

Ashok further added

“Although Vivekananda rose above idol worship he never discouraged or questioned people who do idol worship he understood that it’s a way to reach divine- Yoga of devotion. Shashi Tharoor not only questioned the need of Ram Mandir but also called people Bad Hindu who demand Ram Mandir.”

Currently, Ashok is under judicial custody

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