Shashi Tharoor Takes a Selfie With A Man After Man Agrees to Identify himself as She/Her

Infamous for always being around pretty woman or woman, Shashi Tharoor is yet again in a controversy after he reportedly refused to take a selfie with a person just because the person was a man. However, Shashi Tharoor later took a selfie with the person as the person claimed to identify himself as She/Her.


The person who identified himself/herself as She/Her is such a big fan of Shashi Tharoor that she became a gender fluid. Speaking to The Fauxy, the person said “I am a big fan of Shashi Tharoor, and I can go to any extent to get a selfie with him. If he can spend some time with me I’ll getsSex reassignment surgery done“.



Earlier, Shashi Tharoor sparked row after he posted selfie with six women MPs on Twitter with a caption: “Who says the Lok Sabha isn’t an attractive place to work?”. Political experts say that Tharoor has nothing to do with the Congress Party or Parliament and he’s in politics as long as there are pretty women in the parliament.



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