Rotational Axis of Planet Earth May Shift If More People Support BJP: NASA

A recent study by a group of eminent scientists revealed that the increasing follower base of Modi or the RSS ideology will have a noticeable impact on the Earth. “If more people follow Modi we will witness a change (right shift) in the rotational axis of the earth which would result in dramatic effects on the climate and sea levels,” says scientist Zubair Ali Sayed.

Dr Zubair had earlier published a widely acclaimed paper on ‘The Flat Earth Theory’ and staunchly believes that there’s a 42% chance that people might fall off the edge of the world if BJP’s activities aren’t curbed.

The philosophy proposed by RSS comes under the Right Wing ideology which has seen a large rise in the number of followers in recent times, with crores of people advocating it. Balance is very necessary when it comes to making the movement of any object smooth.

“If you observe the current orientation of the earth’s rotational axis, it’s not very well aligned to the Sun and right shift would make it worse,” said another scientist of the same group pointing at his globe. Research also indicated that pro-Left people might even lose their minds over it and may come out demanding a separate planet with a more Left axial tilt.

However, the shift may turn out to be a boon for people having abnormalities like being Left-aligned. Bollywood star, Ajay Devgn, who’s currently Left-leaning (like literally), would benefit majorly and be able to see the world via a normal range of vision as all of us.

Across the globe, people have started rejecting the ideology of Leftists, who believe in burning down the world under the garb of equality. It is not surprising that Laws of Physics and Nature are now negating them as well. Latest surveys pointed out that people have even started calling them ‘fanatics’.

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