Reporters making fake accounts and trolling celebrities to get a befitting reply

Reporters nowadays are busy covering two things, one is Taimur, and the other is a celebrity giving a befitting reply to any troll. The recent case of Taapsee is a great example of how the reporters forcefully try to prove that a celebrity is always a winner.

Some reporters in Mumbai are actually making fake accounts to instigate a celebrity and get befitting reply from them. After that they write long articles to prove how the celebrity is a winner. The number of fake accounts on social media are rising and most of them are made by article hungry reporters.

Celebrities like Uday Chopra, Dino Morea, and other out of work actors actually pay the reporters to troll them so that they can give them a fitting reply. A big scam of ‘befitting replies’ was unearthed by the Mumbai Police recently and otherbig names will soon pop up.

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