Ranu Mondal’s Songs Not Audible in the Apple’s AirPods Pro With Noise Cancellation

Apple recently announced the launch of AirPods Pro and within few hours it’s made in news because of the high price. Airpods Pro is the upgraded version of Airpods and comes with great features like active noise cancellation, sweat resistance, etc.

Active noise cancellation feature reduces the noise and help you listen to the music with a great clarity. The Fauxy’s tech journalist Jimesh went to the display show to try and test these earphones. While the product showed an excellent performance to all types of songs, Jimesh noticed that these high-end earphones were unable to play Ronu Mondal’s songs. It is speculated that Ronu Mondal’s sharp-pitched voice might possibly be considered as noise and has been cancelled with its active noise cancellation feature. Some haters of Ronu said that we will buy these Airpods Pro just because of this reason and don’t care about the price.

Jimesh reported this incident to Apple’s technical support and we await their response on this. Let us know your reason for buying and not buying Airpods Pro priced at ₹24,900 in the comments/replies.

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