Ranu Mondal files case against Himesh and Salman for ruining her image as rumors about their love affair spreads

In the entertainment world, things move fast. Take the case of singer Ranu Mondal, for example. The woman, whose luck turned after she was “discovered” singing a sorrowful and now viral rendition of the Hindi song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ on a railway platform.

The singer, who has already recorded three songs with Bollywood music director Himesh Reshamiya, was recently seen behaving rather highhandedly with a fan who wanted to take a selfie. Not only that, Ranu has also filed a case against Himesh and Salman both after stories of her link up with them has been tarnishing her image.

Ranu spoke to the fauxy and said, “We all know what the image of Salman and Himesh is. Both are arrogant and both have been in many affairs. If I start getting linked up with them, my career will get over before even starting. I want police to rake action against them as I am pretty sure that they have a hand in spreading those rumors.”

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