Psychiatrist Goes Into Depression After No Patient Visits Her in Last Fifteen Days

In a shocking incident, a psychiatrist was spotted visiting another senior psychiatrist in order to get her depression cured. Nirmala Kaur, a psychiatrist in Mumbai has reportedly slipped into depression due to a low turnout of patients to her clinic.

The senior psychiatrist used some random fancy words to express what Nirmala was suffering from, and as fate would have it, earlier Nirmala used to throw around the same jargons to her patients, hence has no clue about what the fuck they mean.

If sources are to be believed the same senior psychiatrist was earlier seen getting medication to cure his depression, thus forming a chain of psychiatrists visiting one another. This further proves that there is hardly any solution for mental ailments and psychiatrists just console their patients or prescribe them random medicines.

“Depression is something that happens to your mind and having random medicines fools your brain,” said one psychiatrist who seemed to have fallen for the same trap.

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